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Product Description:

Is everything about your life moving at an accelerated pace? Are there more demands on your life than ever before? Between career, school, family, ministry and passions it's easy to become overwhelmed and burned out. Now, more than ever, we must be intentional and prayerful about our days for there is truly no time to waste.


The My Daily P.R.E.S.S. Prayerful Planning Journal is strategically designed to be a combination of a daily planner and a prayer journal. This planning journal holds each user accountable to prioritizing their day with guidance and wisdom that flows from Heaven. Every day you are encouraged to P.R.E.S.S.; Pray, Remember, Execute, Study and ultimately Succeed. This is accomplished by writing daily affirmations, prayer requests, tasks you intend to execute, and remembering the promises of God, written and/or spoken prophetically to you.


Created for the prayerful planner who no longer desires to live life haphazardly, this planning journal quickly becomes a best friend. Whether you're jotting down a date on one of the fillable monthly calendars, writing in sermon notes from Sunday service or checking off a completed task for the day, your prayerful planner will always be nearby. This is a must have tool for the individual who intends to execute their God given assignments, prayerfully.


Product Details:

3 Fillable Monthly Calendars

90 Days for Daily Planning (3 months, Monday-Saturday)

15 Days for Weekly Prioritized Prayer Requests, Goals and Sermon Notes (3 months, Sunday)

10 Note Pages

My Daily P.R.E.S.S. Quarterly Prayerful Planning Journal

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