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Book Description:

Builders is a book about how we build the kingdom of God through our genius via our entrepreneurial efforts, our knowledge and experiences in the marketplace. This book is designed to hear the voices of leaders, ministers and business professionals that have created their own lane with great impact, consistency and integrity in their sphere of influence.


Their journeys will safely guide, lead, teach and protect emerging leaders to prepare and navigate the space and responsibility of being a kingdom leader and builder.

Through this book we encourage and uplift emerging leaders in the body of Christ to fulfill their call in ministry & kingdom mandate, marketplace and their careers with the wisdom and clarity of their assignment. Their insight will help each and every reader with the wisdom and decision-making skills regarding leading and more importantly, being led. Builders will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively invade their mountain of influence from a place of clarity, understanding and transparency for maximum impact.

Kingdom Builders Anthology

Book will be launched on September 30. Shipments will begin 2 weeks following the launch.
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